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    Our Mission...
    Is to offer the very best product and service possible.  
    We are committed to satisfying the needs of every customer
    and will stop at nothing to send them home happy!   

    Company Profile
    Majestic got its beginning in 1979.  
    The owner, James Mueller, started as a custodian at a grade school.

    What are people saying?
    "My husband has emphysema. I would clean the bathroom when I know he wouldn't be home for
    several hours because of the odor and fumes of the named brand cleaners. I just started using Peroxy
    Green. I love the way it cleans soap scum and mold and the way it leaves a wonderful clean, fresh
    smell. When I use Peroxy Green, my husband can even be in the same room and it doesn't cause him
    any breathing problems. Thanks for a wonderful product!"  - Judy Caves, Murphysboro, Illinois
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 (618) 969-9444    in Marion, IL
 (812) 463-6148    in Evansville, IN
Majestic Janitorial & Restoration
Servicing Southern Illinois for more than 25yrs.
NOW in Evansville, IN