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Home Black Mold Picture:
Heavy ceiling Aspergillus [2rd
most dangerous indoor mold]
and Penicillium [3rd most
dangerous indoor mold]
Pictures of Black Mold In
Houses: Mold growth inside a
heating/cooling duct register.
Penicillium mold [bluish-green
in color] growing on a main
wood supportbeam in a
mountain cabin home in USA.  
Black toxic mold photograph
and picture: Advanced case of
ceiling mold infestation
growing on, inside, and
probably also above the
ceiling itself
[hidden mold growth].
Black Mold Photograph and
Picture: Heavy ceiling mold
growth found in a school
Serious mold growth on a wall
[and probably also inside the
in an apartment in Los
Angeles, California.
Huge mold growth in a rental
apartment. The landlord has
refused to take care of this
serious mold health threat. The
walls will need to be removed
and discarded.
Aspergillus mold growing on
the wood floor joists in a crawl
Mold monster growing hidden
inside a wall. It was located
because it caused an outward
bulge in the drywall.
Mold growth on the roof
sheathing in a loft [attic]
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