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Mold growth requires three elements:
    -A food source (wood, drywall, or dust)
Where do I find Mold?
    Mold and mildew are commonly found on the exterior wall surfaces of
    corner rooms in heating climate locations.  An exposed corner room is
    likely to be significantly colder than adjoining rooms, so that it has a
    higher relative humidity (RH) than other rooms at the same water vapor
    pressure.  If mold and mildew growth are found in a corner room, then
    relative humidity next to the room surfaces is above 70%.  However, is
    the RH above 70% at the surfaces because the room is too cold or
    because there is too much moisture present (high water vapor pressure)?
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If it is too late and you're already dealing with mold we advise using a Peroxy Green.

If the moldy area in your home is larger than 10 square feet we suggest it may be a good idea to
seek a professional who can safely clean up the problem.  
Contact us should you have any further questions. (618) 529-9001
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